192 4-Colour Harmonies

If you’ve ever heard of Adobe Kuler, you’d know that it’s a website that enables you to create, share and download colour harmonies for web and print. Kuler has always used a 5 colour combination and on occasion, I’ve need 4. So here are 192 colour harmonies sets, based on 4 combinations.

They are in CMYK and I’ve added keywords to define them. They are in one complete ai file because to be honest, I couldn’t be bothered setting them all up in swatches. There are 16 sets of 12 combinations each. And as a word of warning, the file uses a generic CMYK colour profile.

Here is  a sample of one set of swatches per category.

colour harmony samples

Also here is a screen cap of the illustrator file itself…

4colourharmoniesYou can download the file here.

Because life is colourful.


3 thoughts on “192 4-Colour Harmonies

  1. Colour harmony is based in red/yellow/blue as base? or / and red/gree/blue?

    Just can understand the basis, kuler uses first one, colour lovers use rgb based wheel.. so, for kuler complementary color of red is green, but for color louvers is kinda cyan, and so with other color harmonies.

    I see all armony theories based on red/yellow/blue, but how do you calculate a triad for example if computer programs (such as photoshop) use hsv/b colour solid? In RGB I know that red is at 0º, green is at 120º and blue is at 240º on the wheel, but there´s no way to know positions on an RYB wheel, since only hsv options are avaiable to enter the hue.

    Id love to get this clear if someone is interested on. You can contact me at solatach at yahoo dot com.


  2. Hi there! great website!! Thank you! I tried to download the colour harmony as above but it says “not found”. I would love a copy! Great work … Many thanks! Rosie

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