The Barber

This afternoon I went to have my hair trimmed. I just needed it re-buzzed at the back because it grows in so quickly. My regular barber wasn’t in, but this one younger barber was. I’ve only seen him once or twice before. Ordinarily, I’d walk away and wait for her to be there, but since this was just a re-buzzing and not a full haircut, I let him cut my hair.
In talking with him, I learned that he is a local guy who has moved back to the island. He also told me that the cut I have is one of the most popular in Vancouver. I had no idea. Anyway, I was so impressed with what he did; I told him my name and to let Darcy know what I said. I was concerned that she wouldn’t remember who I was so I showed him some paintings on my phone and told him to tell her I was the painter guy.

He was so taken with my work that he said he would buy a painting of him cutting hair “in a heartbeat.” I walked home thinking about that whole exchange. At first, I was thinking about what it could look like if I were to go ahead with it. About four hours later I was in the middle of cooking something to eat when I suddenly had an outrageous idea, and I saw the answer in my head.

I had to buy some groceries, so I headed out. I walked back to the barber shop and met him outside. I told him I had decided to take him up on the idea. Spring or summer light is better than winter light. (Winter hues wouldn’t work so well for the type of painting I saw in my head.) He seemed quite excited about it which is always a good sign. I think this idea I have will floor him once he sees it.

I have also decided to blog the whole process here.


Colour Catchup: SlideShare

I realize I haven’t been keeping up with the blogging so here is a bit of a catchup. A little while ago, I posted three presentations on SlideShare which I’d like to share with you. <insert drumroll>

Three presentations on Colour Theory… “Everything You Know About Colour is Wrong” series.

Everything You Know About Colour is Wrong 1 is the basic colour theory:
Everything You Know About Colour is Wrong 1

Everything You Know About Colour is Wrong 2 is expanded colour theory:
Everything You Know About Colour is Wrong 2

Everything You Know About Colour is Wrong 3: Colour Harmonies is colour harmony and how to build one:
Everything You Know aBout Colour is Wrong 3

Because life is colourful,

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